Rachel Sheila Kan

Fashion sustainability specialist at Circular Earth & Ecosystem Architect at The Ecosystem Incubator

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My name is Rachel Sheila Kan, I have been working in the fashion Industry for over 2 decades in design and design /project management.  Very much a hands on practitioner working with supply chain, and designing brands from identity, through to development, supply, landing and into promotion.  I have worked on multi product with a specialist knowledge in kidswear womenswear and project management.

I moved into sustainability around 8 years ago where I developed in action with brands and small businesses, and I then finally focused on my consultancy Circular Earth. At Circular Earth we help brands to create parallel sustainable brands or start up with Circularity at the heart – let us be your mission control.  I also lecture on sustainability and ethics in business at university level.

Throughout my studies I realised that the very things that we were creating in the sustainability space were a mere sticking plaster to the systems that we were standing on, therefore often counterproductive and coming back to the old systemic ways that do not have them thrive. Indeed, fashion can be a competitive cut throat industry, so we wanted to turn this on its head and have many come together for lasting change.

So, I started to work with the regenerative structuring and new economics that I had learnt in my studies to create a collaborative called ‘’The Ecosystem Incubator’’ where different players in the small fashion and business space start to collaborate on many of the things that they find tough to do in isolation.  The Ecosystem is based on living systems thinking where we model the workings of a forest – to create a forest of fashion – in a metaphorical sense.

Co-Founder of Real Circularity with Cradle to Cradle specialist Mr Ken Alston who worked with the originators of the system. With Real Circularity we cut the talk and get into action with your brand. Join a Forum, Join our Academy or link for a virtual coffee to discuss our projects and consultancy.

’’True innovation occurs when things are put together for the first time that had been separate’’

Arthur Koestler and John Smythies (1969)

What people say about Rachel..

”I am honored to work alongside you Rachel Sheila Kan. The old adage that 2 heads are better than 1 and 1+1 = 3 are reaffirmed every time we work together. A more engaged, collaborative and positive person I could not imagine!”

Ken Alston, The Trusted Authority on Sustainable Circularity

”It’s been great to connect thus far through the Ecosystem meeting and the main collaborator meeting. It’s really spectacular, what you’ve created!! ”

Micki Weiner, Intimate Apparel Specialist

”I had the pleasure to work with Rachel on my new childrenswear brand at a time I was stuck with development and sourcing. She understood instantly my brand and situation and helped me solve lots of issues. She showed dedication to my project and availability given my very tight deadlines. She can help from development to production and marketing. Overall she re-injected confidence in my project when I was feeling a bit lost on my own. I would definitely recommend her.”-

Katheline Vandal, ‘Vandal Kids’

”Rachel, you created a snowball of momentum for me since my return to the UK. I cannot thank you enough & hopefully we can meet in person before I relocate to China.” – 

Joey, ‘Veshin Factory’

Rachel is a passionate sustainable fashion professional, she is always updated and sharing valuable information. Rachel is very generous with her knowledge, she is always open to collaborate and to help others. Rachel joined me in one of the most challenging things I have done: a crowdfunding campaign. It was fundamental to have her and her network help and support. –

Maria Teresa Flores ‘Moda en Verde’

”Rachel is the perfect partner for any brand or company needing help with textile sustainability. Her passion for sustainable matters is second to none and her knowledge is excellent. We love Rachel’s manner, she’s incredibly helpful and gives guidance in a very supportive way. I would be more than happy to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a talented consultant in sustainability.” –

 James Dowsing Reynolds ”Dowsing and Reynolds”

”Rachel has a rare gift… The ability to create and help others see and create also. And not only in theory or on one realm.  She has a depth of wisdom and heart, developed over decades that allows her to masterfully consider the ecosystem of an idea, person or project. 

She’s an asset to anyone that truly wants to explore and create with a pure heart.”

 Sarah Hunt, consulting client