Rachel Kan

Fashion sustainability specialist & troubleshooter at Circular Earth

Rachel Kan

My name is Rachel Kan and I have been working from within the fashion industry for 22 years as both a designer & design manager. I have always worked from within the supply chain, meeting with factories and working out critical paths, as well as with design teams to get the best product for each brand landed on time and on trend, helping to form the brand identity & persona.

I have seen with my own eyes how the industry harms the world and ethically degenerates people.

I am standing for a world of fashion with integrity and transparency. I started my sustainable journey 3 years ago. I could have easily set up another sustainable brand, but I felt that this was just adding unnecessary stuff to the equation. I started with creating events that bring together eco brands and other ways to be sustainable right now, along with talks and workshops. From this I then built in lecturing in sustainability and ethics in the business school at UCA.

From my background in the industry at large and my sustainable knowledge and contacts. I am now bringing them together to consult and coach brands on how to not only be sustainable with their choices – but in their integral action and how it will impact the planet, people and profit. Trouble shooting on sustainable choices and introducing bespoke action for each brand and idea.

I enjoy inspiring teams and people to move towards a sustainable future.

Mindset shift is happening before our very eyes & actually instead of framing things in terms of climate disaster I think looking at things from a proactive and intelligent transformation has a better prospect to evoke lasting change.

How do you transform your fashion business in a sustainable way, with integrity?

What people say about Rachel..

Rachel, you created a snowball of momentum for me since my return to the UK. I cannot thank you enough & hopefully we can meet in person before I relocate to China.” – Joey, ‘Veshin Factory’

”Rachel is the perfect partner for any brand or company needing help with textile sustainability. Her passion for sustainable matters is second to none and her knowledge is excellent. We love Rachel’s manner, she’s incredibly helpful and gives guidance in a very supportive way. I would be more than happy to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a talented consultant in sustainability.” – Dowsing and Reynolds

”Rachel has a rare gift… The ability to create and help others see and create also. And not only in theory or on one realm.  She has a depth of wisdom and heart, developed over decades that allows her to masterfully consider the ecosystem of an idea, person or project. 

She’s an asset to anyone that truly wants to explore and create with a pure heart.” – Sarah Hunt, consulting client